Tuesday, February 26, 2013

#035 Even Modi would have written in Pak newspapers

Press-Council-of-India's Chairman Retd. Justice MarkanDEya kaTju seems to have rubbed BJP on the wrong side, by writing an article in a Pak daily, about Gujarat.

Leaving aside whether kaTju is right or not, we may have to concede that if Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi were to be requested by the same Pakisthan daily to write an article, even he might  have written in the same tone or style.

Didn't Mr. lAl krishNa advAni, the former Deputy Prime Minister of India, call Mohammed Ali Jinnah, a secularist?  It is a different that he was chastised in India by his party, later.

Living in a country laden with rotten-elite, we should not expect substantial variations in behaviors.

#034 Should-have-promised-a-Government-Engineering-College:

--Should-have-promised-a-Government-Engineering-College: Mr. Rajnath Singh, President of BJP (Bharatiya Janatha Party) speaking in Uttar Pradesh, promised dalits on 25th Feb. 2013, that if voted to power, they will construct a mammoth Buddha statue, like the Buddha-statues of Bamiyan in Afghanistan, destroyed by tAlibAn.  rAjnAth Singh was speaking on the occasion of ravidass-jayanti  (birthday of ravidass).

Votes-or-no-votes, he should have promised a State-run-Engineering College or a Government-Hospital with large number of beds.  They will-be useful to dalits who cannot afford Private-Colleges or Private-Hospitals. Statues serve no purpose, absolutely.

Monday, November 26, 2012


ONGC (OIL AND NATURAL GAS COMMISION), the apex GOVERNMENT institution for oil and gas exploration in India, is reported to have acquired interests in oil fields of kazakisthan.

Why ONGC is running away from India, neglecting its primary duty of exploration and development of indigenous oil resources?

The Government of India, the various State Governments, ONGC, who ever they may be, are responsible for the fiasco, have allowed the RELIANCE BULL to graze into Indian OIl and Natural Gas fields.

RELIANCE seems to be deliberately curtailing the production of oil and gas from the KG Basin (krishna - gOdAvari basin).  One gets an impression that they have a strong urge to blackmail the  Governments, both Central and State, to enforce a price rise and exercise near monopoly rights on production.

Late Jawaharlal Nehru had rigtly foreseen this type of private sector mess-up in key industries.  His idea of public sector reaching the commanding heights and in heavy industries like aeronautics, civil aviation, oil exploration and steel was based on this distrust of private sector. 

We can now see how Nehru's vision has been and is being blinded out and blurred by his own party and by the rulers of his own dynasty.

Indian scripture bhagavadgita laid great emphasis on doing one's own duty, rather than doing somebody else's duty.

03 / 35
s`rEyAn svadharmO vigun`a: paradharmAt svanusht`hitAt
svadharmE nidhanam s`rEya: paradharmO bhayAvaha:.

one's own duty, even if imperfectly performed, is better than the well-done duties of others.  Death while doing one's own duty, is better than the duties of others which cause anxieties.

Will ONGC realise this?  It can leave the oil imports and trading to Indian Oil Companies like IOC, Bharat Petroleum and Hindusthan Petroleum.

ONGC,  if it still has any unstoppable urge to diversify, should concentrate on R&D and production of solar energy on Indian soils.

Monday, October 22, 2012

#032 kEjriwal cannot change a Capitalist Society

Mr. Kejriwal seems to be a man in a hurry, whatever be his reasons.
He forgets that he is working in a Capitalist Society.
He didn't lose his belief in Capitalist Society.
Capitalist Society does not allow people to work and live honestly.
This is the very reason for the voters becoming corrupt, and electing representatives who are more corrupt than the voters themselves.
This rot can be stemmed if voters undergo a drastic change in their mental set up and living habits.
Initiating this change is a long time affair, involving several generations of dedicated work by persons who are willing to face unresponsive individuals, families, communities and societies.
We can never get this change by staging demonstrations, whether by disciplined workers or undisciplined workers or both. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Running political parties is not easy

Anna Hazare might have learnt some lessons from his indefinite fast anti-corruption campaigns in Mumbai and Delhi.

*Running campaigns costs money.
Who will donate?
Donors will demand their own pound of flesh!
Large donors are like Shylocks.
Can Anna ask each large donor to furnish an undertaking that the amount they are donating, is their honest-hard-earned money? Will they give? Or will they make fun of him?

*Unknown persons enter camps.
Some of them good.
Some others bad.
Any of them can throw stones and burn buses.

*Persons who join parties
Some have clean histories.
Some have dirty histories.

1) Mr. Chandrababu Naidu, former C.M. of A.P., met Anna and offered him his support for Anna's anti-corruption campaigns.

Mr. Naidu gave a back-stab to his own father-in-law Mr. N.T. Rama Rao and drove him out of TDP. Mr. Naidu, a farmer of just 4 acres in Chittoor Dt., Andhra Pradesh, amassed wealth of about Rs. 20 billion! How is it possible without corruption?

Mr. Naidu has already started criticising Anna.

2) Mr. Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy (popularly called Jagan), M.P., and son of Mr. Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, deceased Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh met Anna and offered him his support for Anna's anti-corruption campaigns.

Mr. Jagan is facing CBI cases of amassing assets disproportionate to his known sources of income. He is reported to have made about a trillion Rupees wealth.

Can Anna Hazare say 'no' to those who wish to support him or join his party and give the reason as 'corruption'?

I am afraid, that this will be a delicate issue for Anna.

Anna said that he would meet people and convince them that they should send clean persons to Parliament. Suppose, Anna comes to Hyderabad to meet the people. Will he go to to tiled or tin sheds door-by-door and convince the dwellers? Or will he address meetings? If he addresses meetings , who will arrange them? Who will bear the expenses?

Anna said that he was a fakir. Ok, who has been bearing his expenses all the time? His neatly washed and well-ironed clothes. His couches and pillows.

I have seen the last letter (Hindi version - I am not 100% thorough with Hindi) of Anna, placed on the net, while dissolving the team Anna. I find him sincere, prima facie. But, we have to go deeper. We have to visit rAlEgAv Siddhi, to have a direct first-hand look. I hope that I shall have that fortune someday.

I requested for their email address. I am awaiting it, to contact them.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ramdev's agenda is not clear

Yoga Guru Ramdev said on 18th Aug 2012:
The government is deaf, blind and insensitive. It is in coma, it will die, we don't want anybody to die. But they are inviting death. Congress hatao, desh bachao

If Congress dies what will happen? Some other devil will come.
If congress lives what will happen? Same devil will continue.

*Known devils seem to be better than unknown Gods. We have to examine this matter throughly.

Friday, August 17, 2012

I have today visited Anna Hazare's two websites

I have today (Aug. 17, 2012) , Anna Hazare's two websites.

1. The last post made on Aug 6, 2012 said that Team Anna had come to an end, since the purpose was accomplished.

2. http://www.annahazareblog.com/: This site, they said had been closed and moved to the above site. But, it contained some posts and comments already made. They can be read.

I am unable to make any head tail of it right now.

I shall study both the posts and comments there. I shall try to come up with something useful to the readers.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hand of American Aircraft makers and Airlines behind Railway Minister's brave face?

Mr. Dinesh Trivedi, the Indian Railways Minister, after presenting the Railway Budget 2012-13 presented a brave face in an interview to ND TV.

He quoted Bhagat Singh.
He would prefer stepping down, rather than rolling back the increased rail fares.
He claimed he had done his duty.

The interview of Mr. Trivedi, is one of the best questions-answers, I have seen on TV. The Railway Minister was very forthright. But, I am sceptic. I still doubt his approach for two reasons.

1. It is not clear why he did not pre-consult his party working Committee/Polit Bureau or the party Ms. Mamta Banerjee. Had he consulted her, at the budget preparation stage, she would have given her mind and suggested him solution. If he was still convinced that he cannot compromise with his convictions on maintaining the Railway Finances, he could have offered to quit, by informing Ms. Banerjee. He owed his position as Railway Minister, to his party Trinamul Congress. If he was going to work in a direction diametrically opposite to party line, it would have been apt for him to offer to quit in the preparation stage itself. This would have obviated the need for rollback through his hands.

2. The tough stance taken by Mr. Trivedi might have been a result of the guidance by Mr. Manmohan Singh, who might have been under pressure from the American President and the Secretary of State/the American Ambassador in India. Circumstantial background: World aircraft makers want to sell their aircrafts by hook or crook. Air India has already purchased some Boeing and Airbuses. More shopping is on the offing. An Air-show is going on in Hyderabad where Boeing 787 aircraft is being exhibited.

3. Kingfisher Airlines is comatose and moribund . Air India is in trouble. Other private airlines are also stagnating.

There might have been constant demand on the Prime Minister to revive Airline businesses in India, so that they can buy Aircrafts from U.S. and France.

Demand for Air Travel will go up if long distance train fares are increased in such a way that the fare differential between air travel and rail travel is waffer thin, and high-end train travellers will shift to air travel..

Like the United States, India is a great land of lobbying. Top Business Empires continuously lobby to influence Govt. policies.

Train fares have not been increased for the last eight years, and that funds are to be mobilised to boost the safety of railway passengers is only a pretext.

Leave aside populism and political convenience, Railways have to fix/raise their fares in such a way that they do not lose their business to airlines and long distance buses.

If Mr. Dinesh Trivedi is genuinely motivated by an idealistic inner drive to repair the Railways, he deserves great appreciation. On the other hand, if he is playing to satisfy lobbyists, Indian, Foreign, Private varieties, he will not be doing his duty, as claimed by him, but will be destroying the Indian Railways.

Lalu Prasad Yadav and Mamata Banerjee, though obstinate they were in not raising the fares, it must be said, did not yield to global pressures.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

60 years of what?

News reports indicate that Indian Parliament has completed 60 years of its existence. The Government has formed a Committee to celebrate it on a large scale.

Celebrations mean another Rs.1.5 billion (Rs. 150 crore) at least.

We shall, as usual, have corruption Suresh Kalmadi style.

Whatever be the glorious past of Indian Parliament, the truth for today is : Indian Parliament has become decadent. Hardly any discussion worthwhile takes place as members rush to the well for flimsy reasons, tear off agenda papers.

Appropriation Bills for various Ministries get guillotined without any discussion, because MPs are busy fighting.

What is there to celebrate?

Mr. Sitaram Yechuri, the CPM Leader, who happens to be a member of the Celebration Committee should look into a mirror and question: "Who am I? What am I doing in Parliament?"

CPI and CPM should spend their resources and time on approaching the people in the streets, rather than gloating in celebrations.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Should Nehru family hang around on for generations?

Mr. Rahul Gandhi is deep into the Uttar Pradesh election campaigning. He is employing the same tools or, tools closely similar to the tools used by other political Captains in the fray. Rahul Gandhi has brought in Ms. Priyanka Gandhi Vadera also onto the arena.

He is speaking as though no development has taken place during the rule of opposition in Uttar Pradesh, as if great progress had taken place during the Congress rule.

Motilal Nehru
Jawaharlal Nehru
Indira Gandhi
Rajiv Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi.

This is the line of succession.

I do not wish to say that Nehru family has not done any good for this country. But is it not time for them, to take up some other vocation and avocation?

Are they not fit for anything except waving hands?

If they do it, terrorists will probably , gradually, remove them from the hit-lists.

Is Nehru family, delivering anything which others are not capable of delivering?

Quitting, they must do, at least to prove to themselves, that they are capable of doing something worthier than politics.

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